Get 2 College meeting

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September 29        6 pm          TCPS  Jennings building

The Get 2 College meeting will be a joint meeting with TCPS this year. Juniors and Seniors and their parents are invited to attend. The meeting is next Thursday night, September 29th, at 6 pm. It is in the middle school multi purpose room. The building says Jenning Middle School.

We had a great turn out at our meeting last year. This organization is very helpful in preparing your high school student for the college admittance process. Last year they discussed in length about squiring scholarships.

In January Get 2 College will be coming back to Tupelo to do a community wide FAFSA meeting to help fill out those forms. They will not be meeting with individual groups so if you have any questions for them, next week will be a smaller meeting.

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CHENM Honor Society

We have some exciting news!

We have expanded the Eta Sigma Alpha Homeschool National Honor Society we offered last year to include a local CHENM Honor Society. The ESA Homeschool National Honor Society has very strict guidelines to join, which only 10% of students are able to achieve. The CHENM Honor Society has requirements to join which are more in line with the National Honor Society that is in local high schools. Before we decided to expand the honor society, we talked to a college admittance counsellor and these do make a difference on your college applications.  Colleges look at both honor societies.  We are excited to offer this for your students to put on their resumes.

Our meetings will be once a month on Friday afternoons from 3:30-5:00 on the third Friday of the month. We will start off meeting at Paradox Games and Escape Rooms. We will have service projects during the year in addition to these meetings. Our first meeting is October 21st.

Service Projects
The students will vote on the organization they will serve in the first meeting. The service projects will not only help others and teach your students the personal benefits of serving others, but will look great on a resume as well. As a local employer who interviews ages 16-30, I ask the young adults what service projects they did in High School, so the service hours your students do in High School will have lasting positive results for them on so many levels. Your student does not have to get their service hours primarily through the Honor Society, as long as they complete their service hours before the end of the school year.

For the CHENM Honor Society:
Standardized tests (Iowa) 75th percentile
Act 23 and above
#3-7 below

For the ESA Honor Society:
1. A copy of your transcript.
2. Test score from one of these two groups of tests:
the IOWA (90% composite score) or Stanford(90% on the total battery). Also, include a letter from the test administrator confirming that it was administered by someone other than your parent(s).
SAT (1800); PSAT (180); or ACT (26)
3. A short statement about why you would like to be a member of Eta Sigma Alpha or CHENM Honor Society.
4. A letter of recommendation from your pastor or youth minister.
5. An essay on the importance of education, homeschooling, or your faith in your life.
6. Current membership in CHENM
7. Payment: $20.00

The deadline for Seniors to join is October 31st. This is a deadline set by ESA. The deadline for 9th-11th grade is Dec. 31.

Some of you have asked about an honor society for Jr High. That is totally doable, but we need a parent volunteer to organize it. Others of you have asked about Beta Club. Unfortunately, they do not allow homeschoolers to join.

We do need another adult volunteer to help with the honor society. If you are interested, please contact Kristie Stevens.

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