Achievement Testing

The CHENM achievement testing is tentatively set for April 5th and 6th. We will be administering the IOWA Achievement Tests. The students will meet from 8-1:30 on the 5th and 8-11:30 on the 6th. The tests are for grades 3-12. Mark this date on your calendars and we will keep you updated when we have all the details in place.

We need two volunteers to be administrators. It is very easy to be a test administrator. Please comment below if you are interested in helping out.

If these dates will not work for you, TCPS has a few spots open for the Terra Nova Achievement test. Here is the information from TCPS: We will be offering the Terra Nova to homeschool students April 12-15. Grades 4, 6,and 8 still have openings. Cost is $27. Contact Donna Clement at the elementary for more info. Her number is 844-8604 x 123.

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8th Grade Graduation

ATTENTION PARENTS of 8th grade graduates:

The 8th grade students will be recognized during the ceremony and will be given certificates of completion for the 8th grade. Amy Oates is the coordinator for 8th grade. She will need both the student’s name and parent’s names for certificates and graduation program. Please submit these to her by March 18th to 8th graders will also be asked to serve as greeters and hand out programs at graduation. Graduation is Friday, April 29th and rehearsal is Thursday at Harrisburg Baptist Church.

Thank you.

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Father Daughter Banquet-Dish sign up

Sign up for your pot luck dish here.

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Father Daughter Banquet gifts

Hello, if you have a business that benefits homeschoolers and want to provide some products, gift certificates or other items to be used as door prizes and give aways at our Father Daughter Banquet on February 16th at Hope Church, please contact Kelly at or 662-231-0719 to arrange drop off. We will ensure to plug your gift and business. Your audience will be approximately 100 young ladies, fathers and helping mothers. Must have your items to me by the 12th. Thanks, Kelly

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Get 2 College


get 2 college logo

Get 2 College will be available to meet with us Wednesday, February 3 at 7 pm.

Kelley Mims’ Law Office

320 N Green St in downtown Tupelo

A representative from Get2College will come to present information regarding admissions, financial aid, and scholarships. I need a headcount for the meeting, so if you plan on coming, please let me know.  Here is the website link they asked us review before the meeting:  This meeting is relevant for Sophomore-Senior parents.  Freshman parents are welcome to come as well.  Students are also welcome, but it primarily for parents.

I know that Wednesday night is not the best time for many of you because of church, but it is the only available time that they have.  In January, they only had Wednesday nights available and that is why I kept pushing to try to get more dates, and couldn’t.  Now, this is the ONLY date available until Mid April or May.  I hope to have a good turnout, so please make every effort to attend if this is something that interests you.

Senior parents, they will not be able to go into detail with FAFSA forms (Federal student aid forms), so please do your prep work with FAFSA and work on filling the forms out yourself.  Fill out what you can before the meeting.  Time permitting, they may be able to answer a few questions.  I personally have an accountant who prepares our taxes, and they did our forms for us, so if you use an accountant, ask them to do the same for you.  Here is the link for FAFSA:


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Clarifications on Graduation

The graduation orders are due January 10th. There has been some discussion about students wanting to choose their own tassels instead of wearing their class color. The first the CHENM board or Michelle, the graduation coordinator heard about this situation was yesterday, January 6th. I am speaking on behalf of the CHENM board when I say that we will keep things as they are. There is not enough time for any changes to be made.

There is some confusion over the cords. Stoles are given by the national honor societies. Cords are given by the school. The school is not CHENM, it is the family, but CHENM is the organization that is putting on the graduation. CHENM asks 2 things regarding this- All orders must be placed through the same company, and if you are ordering a cord for your child, you must let Chenm know what requirements they have met to wear that cord. For the academic cord, it must be a 3.5 and above, just like always. If your child will be wearing a cord or a stole from a certain organization that we did not order for them, please let us know that. It is not our intention to deny any student a cord that they have earned. I apologize for the confusion about that. Stoles are ordered through the specific organization that awards them, it is not ordered through the graduation company.

Because orders are due so quickly, we will stick with the blue tassels. I am sorry you feel that this is unfair, but we would have welcomed discussion if we had heard about it before yesterday. It puts undue stress on the volunteers. I have already spent three hours today talking with people about this and I am truly sorry that some of you are not pleased with this decision. That was never the intention. The intent was for the seniors to have a class feel and unity with a class color. I hope that the individualism through the boards they put together will still make this a personal event.

CHENM has been working very hard to provide more opportunities for your children. We are excited about the progress that we have made, and we are excited about the ideas that have been presented to us for high school students. Next year the board will meet with the seniors to make sure everyone is on the same page so this miscommunication can be avoided. We are not looking to restrict parents or students, but to support you, and provide more opportunities for you.

If you are unhappy, please inquire about joining the board. Please volunteer. Please be the parent that leads organizing the testing or finding about scholarship opportunities and university deadlines. Step up to keep the web page updated. There are a few hands doing a lot of work. And next time you see Michelle Barnes, give her a hug and tell her thanks, or bring her a diet coke and a snickers bar. She deserves it. There is no way we would change orders now and put that on her shoulders.

We are here for you.
Kristie Stevens
Board member

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Father Daughter Banquet Update

FATHER-DAUGHTER BANQUET | Christian Home Educators of Northeast Mississippi

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Get 2 College meeting for college planning December 8th

**This meeting needs to be rescheduled for January.**

We will keep you updated as soon as another date is set.

There are some deadlines for scholarships on December 15th and December 31.  The link has a few of these scholarships available.  Another good link is

A representative from Get 2 College will be holding an informational meeting for homeschoolers December 8th at 6:30 pm.

This is a very helpful meeting for parents of high school students. Although it is most helpful for junior and senior parents, freshman and sophomore parents are encouraged to attend as well.

The website is

The meeting will be at Kelly Mims’ law office at

320 N Green St, Tupelo, MS

If you can attend, please comment on this website or on the Facebook post.


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New Member Meeting

THIS Thursday, November 5, 6 pm

Kelly Mims’ office

320 North Green St. Tupelo

This will probably be the last New Member Meeting of the school year so if you have not made it to a meeting yet, please make every attempt to attend.  Please let us know if you plan on attending.


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Honor Society available to CHENM members!

CHENM has recently been awarded the Kappa Pi Chapter of the Eta Sigma Alpha National Honor Society.

This is exciting as we continue to offer our students more academic achievements and successes before they graduate.  Seniors who join Eta Sigma Alpha will be able to order cords or stoles to wear with their gowns.  For more information, this article gives a great overview on national honor societies.

The website for Eta Sigma Alpha is

The requirements for students to join the Kappa Pi chapter of Eta Sigma Alpha are:

  • A statement on why you want to join ESA.
  • A letter of referral from your parents, another family in CHENM, and your pastor.
  • An essay that is no shorter than half a page, no longer than a whole page, double spaced, typed, on one of these topics: Why is education, homeschooling, or your faith important in your life?
  • A test score of 1800 (SAT) or 26 (ACT) or 180 (PSAT) or a 90% composite score on the Iowa or 90% on the  total battery on the Stanford nationally normed standardized achievement tests.
  • A copy of your transcript with a GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale
  • Current membership in CHENM
  • $20 enrollment fee

For students who join the national honor society, there will be service opportunities available for students to work together to obtain the required 10 hours of community service.

We hope many of you take advantage of this opportunity for your children!

Please let Kristie Stevens know ASAP if you would like to apply for this opportunity! 832-265-6924 or




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